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Sidekick Echo Muscle Scraper

Sidekick Echo Muscle Scraper

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Innovative, Effective, And Instantly Responsive 

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or you simply want an effective way to unwind, muscular massages provide unbridled relaxation. Unfortunately, many in-home massage tools can quickly fatigue the hands and fingers, making it difficult to achieve the relief you need. 

With the Echo muscle scraper by Sidekick, you can enjoy deep, long-lasting muscle relief without the hassle and cost of seeing a professional. Our groundbreaking tool delivers steady relief to your problem areas, increasing blood flow and recovery. Constructed with a unique 6-curvature design, you can effectively target your neck, back, legs, and any muscle in between.

Built with 316 stainless steel, the Echo resonates in areas with more scar tissue so you can detect areas that require more treatment. Thanks to our patented Anti-Fatigue Grip, you’ll leave each recovery session looser, lighter, and with no hand or finger fatigue. For complete ease of use, orders include our all-natural Revive Emollient Spray and instructional videos.

While jade or stone tools are infamously brittle, the Echo is robustly durable thanks to the 316 stainless steel. And because it has been meticulously polished to eliminate any pores or crevices that could harbor bacteria, you can share it with other people.

Why Choose the Echo Muscle Scraper?

  • Eases muscle pain, tension, and immobility
  • Curved design cradles both large and small muscles
  • Anti-Fatigue Grip eliminates potential hand fatigue
  • Includes lubricating Revive spray 
  • Guided recovery videos in our Sidekick App
  • Made with 316 stainless steel for ultimate durability
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