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Spring Loaded OA Knee Brace

Spring Loaded OA Knee Brace


To buy a Spring Loaded OA Knee Brace, please book a physiotherapy assessment to obtain accurate measurements and best fit. If you are not in Red Deer, call our clinic for inquiries.


Spring Loaded OA is the first and only knee brace capable of reducing pressure across the entire knee. Its powerful spring system equips it to treat pain caused by all osteoarthritis patterns, including difficult-to-treat conditions such as multicompartmental OA or patellofemoral OA.

How It Works:

Spring Loaded OA uses patented spring technology to lift weight off your knee and relieve joint pain so you can do more of what you love. The lightweight, low-profile frame knee brace design sits entirely on the back of the leg, while comfortable straps hug the front of your leg to prevent slipping and ensure an optimal fit.

Key Features:

For convenient, on-demand pain control, Spring Loaded OA has been designed with the following features:

  • Customizable Spring Power: With a turn of the Power Dial, instantly turn up or down the amount of pain relief to the level you need, when and where you need it.
  • Powerful Spring Assistance: When you bend your knees, liquid springs located in the Spring Pack absorb energy and reduce painful knee forces. During extension, the springs release that energy, reducing pain and powering the legs.

As a result, weight-bearing movements like squatting, going up and down stairs, and rising from a seated position are easier and less painful to perform.


A systematic survey of Spring Loaded brace users with knee osteoarthritis demonstrated significant clinical benefits of brace use related to pain, function, mobility, use of medication and other treatments. 

Among other key findings, this study demonstrated that:

  • 100% of users with knee OA experienced a reduction in pain.
  • 97.5% of users experienced significant improvements in lower extremity function.
  • 70% of users increased their level of physical activity. Brace users were able to increase their physical activity by 2-9 hours per week, depending on their compartmental distribution of OA.
  • 60% of users were able to reduce or eliminate their reliance on other treatment methods, such as injections, biomechanical aids, or allied health services.
  • 27% of users who were regularly using pain medications before using a Spring Loaded brace were able to reduce or eliminate their use of medications.
  • 50% of users who were considering surgery before using a Spring Loaded brace were able to delay or eliminate the need for surgery after using one.
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